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post Published by: sedomir (florida)15 Feb 2018, 12:55:08 PM
I have been a part of Frant Nursery now for 4 years. My son went there first and I can not stress how much he enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the place.

My daughter is there now and like my son is enjoying the vast range of activities that the nursery provides. Not only does she come home with fabulous works of 'art' but she has also learnt key skills and confidence which will benefit her when starting school.

A great nursery/pre-school where my kids have bounced in and out of every day with smiles on their faces - I can not recommend it enough.
post Published by: Joanna (Tunbridge Wells)10 Mar 2016, 10:46:50 PM
Our little girl recently started at Frant Nursery and was welcomed with open arms. She thoroughly enjoys her mornings there. No tears, only smiles.

It's a lovely local nursery - nurturing, warm and fun.
post Published by: Elly Patrick (Frant)8 Mar 2016, 11:21:10 AM
I love Frant Nursery School! A small village pre-school where everyone is friendly and all the children are treated as individuals, each one allowed to flourish in their own particular way. No one is excluded.
post Published by: Jennie (England)7 Mar 2016, 11:29:38 PM